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Talavera, indigenous art and modernity.

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If Puebla is a Spanish city, Cholula is its indigenous counterpart. Inhabited for thousands of years, Cholula is actually two cities, San Pedro and San Andres were built on a prehispanic city, a large ceremonial center with centuries of tradition.

Hernan Cortes thought, after seeing the amount of teocalis, that one could pray in a different church every day of the year. Prehispanic sanctuaries, Mudejares arches, Baroque domes, fortified monasteries and inexhaustible creativity live in the spiritual and artistic explosion that is Cholula.

Murals in the pyramid, fresh jaguar in the atrium of the

convent, thousand souls ascending to heaven under the benign gaze of Maria. The Indian artist, El Tlacuilo continued to dazzle with his work for centuries.

Continuing with the artistic tradition Cholula is also Talavera. Here factories continue to produce these works of art in the traditional process by mixing clay, baking in the oven, shaping the pieces one by one and hand-painting them, as in the past. The color flooded yards and facades.

So this is how Cholula has always been a place of traditions rooted in two worlds.


To the north with San Pedro Cholula, on the south to Ocoyucan,to the west with San Gregorio Atzompa and on the east with Puebla.

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