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Chignahuapan is one of those places with pure morning wind, but with a sweet aroma, surrounded by nature, music and people who love what they do.

Domes, facades and altarpieces in Puebla. The spirit of the city

Bishop Juan de Palafox was responsible for Puebla is today as is. His influence extends beyond those gems that are the imposing Cathedral, the magnificent Palafoxiana Library or the old palace of the Archbishop.

After seeing the great monastic richness of Puebla, I decided to tour the religious sites closest to the capital, I set a limit of no more than 50 kilometers around, and what I found was truly amazing.

I was willing to spend a weekend in the magical town of Cuetzalan, never imagining it would be one of the best of my life. On the road the scenery transports you from the plains of
capital to a lush green, water-filled world where the constant are towns that preserve the flavor of yesteryear and the most fascinating corners of the sierra.

You will encounter wonders that you never imagined when walking and observing a city calmly. Puebla is undoubtedly already immersed in the rhythm of a megalopolis, but walking around its historic center willing to enjoy every detail is a unique experience.

The 10 essential places to visit in Puebla

Puebla is considered as the magical place where art, culture and the world of knowledge meets. Among the most emblematic places you can not miss'll find, The Iglesia Remedios built on pyramid of Cholula, which is dedicated since 1594 to the Virgin of the same name, which symbolizes the evangelization of the Indians by the Spaniards. Be sure to know the wonderful time you can wrap in contemporary knowledge. If you are from the people they like heights you can visit La Estrella de Puebla , the largest observation wheel of its kind in Latin America. You can also find the iconic Library Palafoxiana recognized as "Memory of the World" by the UNESCO, one of the few places that still retains its original furnishings. You can not put aside the place that represents the city, Cathedral, which contains unique architectures that are a mystery in conjunction with the poblano and is considered as a of the most beautiful in the world. If you want to delight in delicious candy, cookies and eggnog in the company of family and friends must visit Street Santa Clara where you will find the convent of Poor Clares since the eighteenth century who made these sweet surprising. Visit Alley Toads, a place where you can take a tour with your family and enjoy what it offers.

I'll be honest, when I was invited on this tour, I wasn't convinced; there were many things I didn't know and I wasn't sure what I would find.

Zacatlán is the typical place that when you know it and you enjoy it, it is very difficult not want to go back and that is exactly what happened to me.

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