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#7 Climbing the highest peaks

The Nevado de la Estrella (hill of the star). Sister of Montaña Blanca (White Mountain). Nieves perpetuas (Perpetual snow). A celestial observatory.


The Citlaltépetl, el Cerro de la Estrella, Pico de Orizaba, con 5,747 msnm meters is the highest mountain in Mexico. One of the mythical summits for mountaineers. And his partner, the Alitzin volcano, Sierra Negra, which gives its name to this mountainous region, the sister of the White Mountain, is the fifth highest peak with 4,621 meters.

The summit at Pico de Orizaba is reserved for professionals, able to cope ice climbing and mountaineering difficulty height. From the shelter of Piedra Grande, you have to cover a height of 1,500 m to reach the summit. Leaving early in morning may be back in the afternoon. The ascent through the Jamapa glacier, so the path is variable. You can also ascend from the south side, from the shelter Fausto González Gomar.


If you are fond of trekking you can go hiking at lower elevations in the Pico de Orizaba, or head to the slopes of the Alitzin, La Negra. The experience for the mountaineer is fascinating. From the warm plains, you begin to ascend and go through extensive coniferous forests and grasslands, until the height limits vegetation sized grasses and lichens. In spring wildflowers decorate the landscape of black volcanic rock with brightly colored parks. In autumn, lichen dye the high plains of ocher that glisten in the sun. At the top, two surprises: one of the largest astronomical telescopes in the world, known as the Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT) and the Mexican Solar High Altitude Observatory (Osomega).

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Tips for your trip

Tips: Alpine retreat in Piedra Grande (Big Stone) Citlaltépetl accessed from Miguel Hidalgo, from Tlalchichuca. From the south you can also ascend to Citlaltépetl and Alitzin by Texmalaquilla beyond Atzizintla. On this side there is a refuge: the alberge Fausto González Gomar. You can climb all year round, but the best season is from October to June, during the dry season.

Best photos: The views of Citlaltépetl from Alitzin. The panoramic views over the mountains of Veracruz and Puebla volcanoes.

You will be surprised: Interestingly, Alitzin, the fifth summit of Mexico is almost unknown due to measurement error ...


#7 Escalando las más altas cimas


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