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#8 Fly Paragliding

Man's dream come true. Meetings with eagles. The earth from heaven.


Who has not dreamed of flying? Since man is man, looked at the birds take flight and glide over the ground, seemingly effortless, and has designed a thousand and one devices to emulate the eagle. The experience of paragliding transforms you into birdman and allows you to elevate to see the world from the most wonderful perspective.

Live in Puebla intense thrill of flying. Do not worry, flying safely no need theoretical courses and proven experience. You just need to want to. A professional driver accompanies you and takes care of everything. You only have to give a short run to  

take off and landing, as directed by your pilot.

He is who handles the glider, sitting behind you. And you, enjoy!

Imagine glide through the air while paragliding from the hill rises high, more and more. With complete security, you let go while the pilot maneuver and adrenaline of the first flight becomes ecstasy, in the sense of peace that creates effortless glide silently, feeling more alive than ever.

Dare to try the unforgettable experience of being a bird for a while in Puebla!

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Tips for your trip

Tip: Talk to the company paragliding and make sure you bring everything you need: sports shoes, glasses, jacket, etc.

Best photos: You can take the most amazing photos from the heights.

You will be surprised: The emotion of being so light, control demonstrating pilots during flight.


#8 Vuela en parapente


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