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#25 Metropolis of the past

Quetzalcoatl and the hill handmade. The place of the night. 24 court of ball game.


In the state of Puebla converge the main roads of the highlands to the Atlantic coast and the southern jungles. In its fertile valleys settled for over 2000 years different cultures, each leaving their legacy. We propose you three fascinating archaeological sites to visit: Cholula, where the Great Pyramid; Cantona, who was a great metropolis; and Yohualinchan, with a unique character.

The Great Pyramid is called Tlachihualtepetl, handmade hill or "el cerro hecho a mano". With 450 m of base (more than Cheops) is the most visible of which was a large metropolis that saw its peak in the Classic period (AD 100-900 years) track. Here is worshiped the great Quetzalcoatl. Melting pot of peoples, up to seven different people left their mark on these stones. Contemplate 100 characters fascinating Mural of  

Los Borrachos (the drunkards), to verify that the love of pulque comes from yesteryear.

Cantona, with 80,000 people, was the largest city of its time. A market town Olmec flourished between 600-1000 b.c. Although only a part has been excavated, the visit will give an idea of the magnitude of this metropolis. Admire the extraordinary sense of urbanism in its layout, with its cobbled main avenues, connecting the Acropolis, neighborhoods and four ball games.

Much more modest is Yohualichan,, a ceremonial center with the suggestive name "lugar de la noche" (place of the night) with Cuetzalan, in the Magic Sierra. Cultures bordering the Gulf of Mexico, this site is very different from what we've seen in Cholula or Cantona. Look, for example, typical niche of Totonac architecture, related to the Tajin.

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Best pictures: The Great Pyramid, with Popo background. The wavy shapes Yohualichan structures.

You will be surprised: It is estimated that  Cantona had up to 27 courts ball game.

Do not leave without ... on the Acropolis, situate facing the main temple and clapping his hands. You see how the sound is amplified!

Your children will enjoy ... ... feeling adventurous in the tunnels of the Great Pyramid.


#25 Metrópolis del pasado


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