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#47 Puebla 4 Days / 3 Nights



Day 1:

9:00 hrs. We suggest starting with the Church of San Jose Chiapa (a 60.7km of Puebla): It is recom mended admire its facade where the gateway is distinguished with an arch, inside the temple is designed in the neoclassical style, main altar has columns onyx Tecali de Herrera, in this place was the ninth bishop of Puebla Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza.

11:00 hrs. Depart for the town of Tepeyahualco where the Ex Hacienda San Roque:Built in the early nineteenth century, with a massive stone architecture and its extraordinary facade with two floors, where you can admire a panoramic view of the valley with a washstand which served to maintain irrigation for farmland aII of this estate.

12:00 hrs. Leave for the Ex Hacienda de Micuautla found in the header munici pal Tepeyahualco: where we admire a farm with all the decor of the year 1906. We suggest contacting Mr. Juan Esteban Lemon Lemon, who is the owner and giving personalized tours for groups who are interested in knowing the properties of the place.

14:00 hrs. It is suggested tasting food with the owners of the Hacienda de San Roque, especially ask Mrs. Barrientos, preparing some delicious stews Tlacoyos and a region with good flavor typical of Tepeyahualco or failing in the center is a hotel, ask for their restaurant there are also very tasty Mexican food.

15:30 hrs. Continue tour of the archeological site of Cantona: Its name means "House of the Sun", one of the oldest and most powerful of the State of Puebla archaeological ruins, its size and importance rivaled Tenochtitlan. Cantona has three very distinct urban areas: the great Acropolis, the housing area with more than 3000 residential courtyards, and 24 ball games, a figure much higher than in any other city of the time.

ayp>Día 2:

9:00 hrs. Leave for Zacapoaxtla (a 139km of Puebla): It is known as the Switzerland Pobla na because it is like a corner of steep, narrow streets that show your splendor to sunlight, urban area is characterized by three major hills of attractive names: Three Heads, the Great Power of God, and Apaxtepec.

10:45 hrs. We suggest visiting the Plaza de la Constitution, monuments to heroes of 5 de Mayo and to Don Benito Juárez. Acontinuación visit the Municipal Palace, inaugurated in 1910 do colonial style influenced by Roman and Greek Byzantine styles, inside there are murals depicting the battle of May 5 and Ias cos toms of Ia Sierra Norte.

12:00 hrs. Perform tour in the Regional Museum Xolalpalcalli which means "House of the People" where there is a historical museum are replicas of prehistoric objects Dead altars and pictures of the Mexican Revolution.

13:30 hrs. It is suggested to taste the food in the restaurant of the Hotel Plaza, north side of the Chapel of Esquipulas, is a restaurant with typical food.

15:00 hrs. Go to the Municipality of Acapulco (113km from Puebla): Where can admire the waterfalls is spectacular: La Gloria with a jump of water 35 meters high, La Olla or the Bridal Veil found in the Apulco River.


Day 3:

9:00 hrs. It is suggested to leave the magical Cuetzalan del Progreso: (130km from Puebla). 

10.00a.m. It is suggested to start the visit to the archaeological site of Yohualichan which is 7 Kms. From the center of Cuetzalan, in the northwest road.

11:30 hrs. We suggest visiting Parish of San Francisco, built in 1902, on the eighteenth-century temple which remains the main tower and is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

12:30 hrsContinues visit to City Hall rustic neoclassical style, was built between 1930 and 1941, following constructive patterns of the Basilica of St. John Lateran in Rome.

We suggest The food can taste different typical restaurants of central park only to walk and ask the locals where is the tastiest food Cuetzalan, such as 1.3em;">13:30 hrs. La comida se puede saborear en diferentDon Chon Restaurant s deland others.central solamente se debe caminar y preguntar a los vecinos del lugar, donde está la comida más sabrosa de Cuetzalan, como es el Restaurant de Don Chon y otros.

15:00 hrs. You can admire the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is known as the Church of the Jarritos, which is Gothic inspired by the Basilica of Lourdes in France, its tower from there you can enjoy one of the best views of the city.

16:00 hrs. We suggest walking through the narrow streets, admire the facades that have been filming at national and international level such as the telenovela " El Padre Gallo " and the movie " La Cristiada " with international actors like Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria..

Day 4:

9:00 hrs. Exit to Magic Town of Tlatlauquitepec: A small town surrounded by mountains where nature is the star here experiencing sharp decline field is highlighted, you can practice ecotourism.

10:00 hrs. A tour where you can visit the former Convent of Santa Maria which was founded in the year 1530 begins, here evangelization began in the Puebla Sierra where the work of preachers like Fray Andrés de Olmo, highlights its cover is simple, campanales guarded by two slender towers with a shot from Capulin, the interior has a single nave, stands the beautiful wooden craft and neoclassical altarpieces.

11:30 hrs. We suggest visiting the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe that is in the Colony of "El Cerrito" with its elegant nineteenth century building, located in a natural setting, with a magnificent waterfall 40 meters high.

12:30 hrs. It is suggested to eat in downtown Tlatlauquitepec, different restaurants where you appreciate rich and tasty dishes of the region. m where a panoramic view of the forests and clifWe suggest a visit to the dam of Soledad with dense fog that give a very natural environment and on clear days you can admire the Gulf of Mexico, all this and more in Tlatlauqietepec, where magic people can not do enough attention, which passed a very enjoyable day. 1.3em;">16:00 hrs. Se sugiere realizar una visita a la presa de Soledad con densa neblina que dan un ambiente muy natural y en días despejados puede admirarse las aguas del Golfo de México, todo esto y más en Tlatlauqietepec, donde la magia de la gente se desvive por atenciones, lo que hace pasar un día muy agradable.

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Tips for your trip

The best pictures: ALL. The incredible scenery found in the state of Puebla.

You will be surprised: The incredible architecture of churches will leave you surprised .

Do not miss: The mole poblano, chiles en nogada, among others .

Your children will enjoy ... Take a stroll through the picturesque streets with their color.


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#47 Puebla 4 Días/3 Noches


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