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#44 Puebla 5 Days / 4 Nights

Puebla-San Martín Texmelucan-Chignahuapan-Zacatlan-Xicotepec-Pahuatlan


Day 1:

9:00 hrs. Departure to Ex Hacienda de Chautla: Follow the Mexico-Puebla Federal Highway 4 km from the city of San Martín Texmelucan, built in the eighteenth century as one of the largest and most beautiful farms in the region. On the farm you can admire a magnificent English castle from the late nineteenth century, this construction was led by Bishop Eulogio Gillow and Zavala which is in the midst of a natural lake. This place is ideal for camping, fishing or enjoy a picnic.

12:00 hrs. Continue the tour to the Temple and Ex Convent of Mary Magdalene located in the county seat was built by the friars Dieguinos seventeenth century, highlights its main entrance. The interioir is decorated with baroque altarpieces and churrigueresco and a variety of paintings, some of them of Spanish Murillo in the choir there is a body of German origin who presides over the Church since the eighteenth century.

13:30 hrs. The food is suggested in the Zocalo are different though small but with good flavor, especially typical food from this place restaurants.

15:00 hrs. You can wander to meet other temples of the city, as example of this is the Parish of St. Martin Bishop of Tours qdating from 1683, with its facade of Talavera style. We also suggest visiting the chapel of Carmen dating from the early twentieth century with its patronal feast of July 16 of each year.

Day 2:

9:30 hrs. Departure to visit the magical town Chignahuapan: City with its undeniable beauty, because of its century architecture, its plazas, buildings, in their tens of natural areas, but especially in the spiritual wealth of its people, always ready to receive with arms open to all visitors.

10:30 hrs. We suggest visiting the Plaza de Armas of this magical town, which boasts a picturesque gazebo, a Moorish trend, it is characterized by being the only kiosk in Mexico built with wood and a fountain under its roof, this structure was erected in the early twentieth century.

11:00 hrs. Visit the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception: This is a monumental sculpture 14 meters high, made by sculptor José Luis Silva poblano is fully carved cedar wood; plus the crown is gold plated. This work of art is the largest in Latin America indoors. This work was made possible thanks to the pastor Ildefonso Illescas, who had the vision of this important work for both the Catholic religion as art.

13:30 hrs. The food is suggested in the Zocalo there are different restaurants, all with good flavor, especially typical food from this place.

14:00 hrs. Continue the tour of the Barrio de Tenextla, where there are several hot springs, whose medicinal properties are recognized throughout the state. These hot springs are surrounded by greenery, in a conditioned to enjoy in comfort and access to other services including a hotel and a spa area.

Day 3:

9:30 hrs. Departure to the magical town of Zacatlán: Its name is Nahuatl and means "place where abounds the grass," here the Sierra Norte shows its splendor, in a combination of forests, meadows, rivers, mountains and multiple formations where nature is the protagonist, and this town one of the leading producers of apples in the country.

10:15 hrs. Visit the Historic Center Zacatlán, here you can appreciate the architecture, including historic buildings viceregal and original contemporary buildings, among them are the Temple of San Francisco, whose initial construction is of 1562 and the building of the Municipal Presidency style neoclassical.

11:15 hrs. Following the tour is recommended to visit the Temple of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, inside which is a basilica founded by the Franciscans in the sixteenth century. The simplicity of its construction made with lost, wooden beams and gable roof.

12:00 hrs. It suggests visiting the Museum of Clocks Alberto Olvera Hernandez: Zacatlán is an important center for the manufacture of monumental clocks, the museum is a tribute to this illustrious work..

13:00 hrs. It suggests eating in doorways, where there are different restaurants, all with good flavor, especially typical food from this place.

14:30 hrs. Continue to visit the Valle de Piedras Encimadas, located on Federal Highway and 22 km from Zacatlán, created millions of years ago and with an area of 400 hectares where coniferous forests abound, the uniqueness of this area lies in the existence of monumental stone blocks very strange ways, the result of more elaborate freak of nature. The stone sculptures appear to mimic a variety of ways to play with the human imagination, for example: silhouettes of dogs, elephants, human heads and monsters are the protagonists of this stone garden.

Day 4:

9:00 hrs. Going out with direction Xicotepec de Juárez magical town: Known to naguas as the "place of bumblebees or Wasps Fire," today is a mountain village nestled in one of the northernmost end of theSierra Norte of Puebla.

11:00 hrs. We suggest visiting the San Baptist Church, built in Gothic type, built what was the Franciscan monastery.

11:40 hrs. Continue with a visit to La Xochipila, prehispanic ceremonial center which is celebrated in ritual dances and display of a sacred Teponaztli that is saved from pre-conquest times.

12:10 hrs. Continue the tour at the Museum of Carranza, where the autopsy was performed at former President Venustiano Carranza body and suposterioir wake for three days, during which Xicotepec was considered the capital of the Mexican Republic.

13:00 hrs. Food in doorways where there is suggested different restaurants, all with good flavor, especially typical food from this place.

Day 5:

9:00 hrs. Going out to the magical town of Pahuatlán: Its meaning comes from the Nahuatl is "Place Between Pahuas or Fruit." Its importance is in the Otomi culture and its characteristic landscape.

11:00 hrs. Visit the Church of Santiago Apostol built in 1932.

12:30 hrs. Very close Pahuatlán is San Pablito, a small town where most residents spend a great deal of time to the development of bark paper.

14:00 hrs. It is recommended to taste the food at the hotel "El Mirador."

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Tips for your trip

The best pictures: ALL. The incredible scenery found in the state of Puebla.

You will be surprised: The incredible architecture of churches will leave you surprised .

Do not miss: The mole poblano, chiles en nogada, among others .

Your children will enjoy ... Take a stroll through the picturesque streets with their color.


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#44 Puebla 5 Días/4 Noches


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