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#45 Puebla 6 Days / 5 Nights

Puebla-Cholula-Tepeaca-Zapotitlán-San Martín Texmelucan


Day 1:

9:00 hrs. We started visiting the historic center of Puebla: City founded on April 16, 1531, currently the fourth largest city in Mexico, we found 2,162 meters above sea level, recognized by UNESCO in 1987 as heritage humanity.

9:30 hrs. Cathedral of Puebla: Architectural jewel built in 1575 and consecrated in 1649, Herrera Renaissance style with neoclassical interior, has the highest towers of the Mexican Republic, highlighting paintings of famous artists like Miguel Cabrera, Cristóbal de Villalpando, Pedro García Ferrer and others.

10:00 hrs. Palafox Library: Erected in honor of the venerable Bishop Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, who finished and consecrated the Cathedral of Puebla. This library has a collection of 43,000 volumes.

10:30 hrs. City Hall: Built on what was the old hearing of porfiriana neoclassical architecture.

11:00 hrs. Chapel of the Rosary: churrigueresco majestic baroque chapel belonging to the seventeenth century.

11:30 hrs. Visit the Pinacoteca Bello and Zetina: Where we can find a large collection of paintings by Flemish school, French, Italian, among others.

12:30 hrs. Visit to Santa Clara Street: Where we can find a variety of typical candies of Puebla who prepared the nuns of the convent of Santa Clara.

13:00 hrs. Visit to the Parian Crafts Market: Antigua square of San Roque, where you can find crafts of Talavera, onyx, miniatures, embroidery, etc.

13:30 hrs. Visit the Barrio dei Artista: Quaint place where we discover studios of painters and sculptors, whom show their works which are for sale.

14:00 hrs. Food: Restaurants are in Los Portales such as The Royalt, Vittorio's, and Villa Rosa are suggested.

16:00 hrs. Visit la Casa de Alfeñique:Eighteenth century house which owes its name to Ia fine ornamentation of white mortar that resembles the famous candies of Puebla. Since 1926 houses the state museum, where carriages, chinas poblanas costumes on display, etc.

17:00 hrs. Visit El Teatro Principal: Inaugurated in 1760 and is considered one of the oldest theaters in America that is still running.

Day 2:

9:00 hrs. Visit the Church of San Francisco Acatepec: Built in the seventeenth century and considered a masterpiece of Mexican baroque, with a facade gives unique in its kind.

9:45 hrs. Visit the Temple of Santa Maria Tonantzintla: That means instead of our mad recites, its construction began in the sixteenth century, is consi dera a work of Mexican folk baroque, Indi genas made with hands that shaped and molded a Mexican iconography.

10:30 hrs. Visit to the Royal Chapel of Cholula or Natural: Built in 1540 by the convent of San Gabriel, has 7 ships with 7 domes giving a total of 49 domes.

11:30 hrs. Visit to the archaeological site of Cholula : Cholula pyramid dedicated to the god of rain with a base of 450 mts. by hand, has tunnels and is crowned by the Temple of Remedies that can be accessed climbing a staircase. At the end of this archaeological site contains a wealth of shops offering us handicrafts, traditional food, etc.

13:00 hrs. Food: Restaurants outside the archaeological zone as Los Portales in Cholula is recommended both.

Day 3:

10:00 hrs. Visit Africam Safari Zoo (17.5 km from Puebla): With over 3500 animals of 300 species worldwide.

15:00 hrs. Visit Talavera Factory: Where Ia typical Puebla talavera is made such as talavera Talavera Uriarte or Armando, located in the historic center of Ia city of Puebla.

Day 4:

10:00 hrs. Visit the former convent of San Francisco in Tepeaca: With its imponent size, crown of battlements, buttresses and most of all, the two passages round.

10:45 hrs. Visit the Chapel of the Third Order: Founded in 1726 Solomonic Baroque style, a richly ornamented side entrance gives huge angels and clear indian manufacturing i the San Miguel Archangel Image.

11:30 hrs. Visit to El Rollo: Construction virreinal representing octagonal tower Moorish style; pro had dual purpose, watchtower and public pillory.

12:30 hrs. Visit Church of Child Doctor: Santo very miraculous encuen tra is a temple of 3 ships in neoclassical style.

13:30 hrs. Food: In restaurants that are in the downtown area.

15:30 hrs. Visit Tecali Herrera: Where can admire the former convent of St. James XVI century. Although this convent is in ruins is a true monument for its architectural features.

16:00 hrs. Visit the Gregorio Ghent Theatre : Old comedy theater XVI century.

Day 5:

10:00 hrs. Arrival in Tehuacán.

11:30 hrs. Visit Zapotitlán Salinas, the cacti area.

13:00 hrs. Visit the Cathedral: it presents Baroque features.

13:30 hrs. . Visit the formerconvent of Carmen: It was built as capi lla particularly in the eighteenth century, is now a baroque temple.

14:30 hrs. Food: In restaurants downtown Tehuacan.

15:00 hrs. It is recommended to taste the food in the "EI Mirador” hotel.

Day 6:

11:00 hrs. Arrival in San Martín Texmelucan; San Cristobal Polaxtla: (ex hacienda) of Ias first built in Mexico, now a museum. (36 km from Puebla): Founded in the late nineteenth century.

12:30 hrs. Visit Ia Ex Hacienda San Antonio Chautla y Castillo.

14:30 hrs. Food sauser suggested hip Huasmole.

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Tips for your trip

The best pictures: ALL. The incredible scenery found in the state of Puebla.

You will be surprised: The incredible architecture of churches will leave you surprised .

Do not miss: The mole poblano, chiles en nogada, among others .

Your children will enjoy ... Take a stroll through the picturesque streets with their color.


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#45 Puebla 6 Días/5 Noches


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