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#43 Puebla 3 days / 2 nights



Day 1:

9:00 hrs. Transfer by car or by bus to visit the Church of San Francisco Acatepec (built in the seventeenth century), the best "Baroque Talavaresco" from builders and Puebla potters that adorn the entire facade with colorful Talavera Puebla giving a decor.

10:00 hrs. Tour to continue the visit of the Church of Santa María de Tonanzintla. Dating from the seventeenth century considered the epitome of Mexican folk baroque style, where the indigenous Tlacuilos try to place children known as Pipiltonzin, flowers and fruits.

10:45 hrs. Following the visit to the Convent of San Gabriel and Royal Chapel dating from the sixteenth century placing the foundation stone in 1549 and devoting in 1552, for the third bishop of Puebla Fray Martín Sarmiento de Hojacastro, and together you can admire the royal chapel or chapel natural with its 49 domes and 7 ships, dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

12:00 hrs. Continues Visit the portals of downtown Cholula: One of the longest portals with their forty-four arches and Catalan vault construction atop dating from 1640, and where you can enjoy a pleasant space.

12:45 hrs. Transfer to the archaeological zone of Cholula where we can admire the largest pyramid in the world based, entirely made of adobe and its top reunited Shrine of Our Lady of Remedies, from where you can admire a clear day four of the volcanoes more beautiful Mexico "Popocatépetl, Iztaccihuatl, Malinche, and Pico de Orizaba".

14:00 hrs. Food, different sites with good seasoning is recommended, the first isFrida´s House located in Hidalgo 118 Avenue restaurant Cocoyotla with the good traditional flavor of Cholula, is located at the 3 South and Avenida Hidalgo and exquisite mole poblano, Calli House restaurant, located in Guerrero Portal 11.

16:00 hrs. After food is recommended admire some factories talavera, as la Reyna and Santa Catarina, the first is on the line puebla Cholula near the University of the Americas with a museum of their craftwork and the second is in the east 14th Street almost opposite the other input of the University of the Americas south side.


Day 2:

9:00 hrs. Transfer by car or bus to visit the town of Atlixco flowers, its historic center and its many greenhouses, where you can meet the variety of the most exotic flowers in the region.

10:00 hrs. Tour of theChurch of Mercy: Magnificent Baroque façade created in the early seventeenth century. Dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy.

10:45 hrs. Visit the Church of St. Augustine: Temple founded in the sixteenth century with its baroque facade churrigueresco.

11:30 hrs. Visit Chapel of the Third Order: It has a Baroque facade and spiral columns, a faculty that has frescoes of the life of San Francisco.

12:30 hrs. Visit to the Hospital San Juan de Dios, a small museum of colonial paintings by different artists who narrate the extraordinary life of San Juan de Dios, from its inception until his death, which are unique in the state of Puebla and are worthy of admired.

13:30 Hrs. Food historic center is suggested restaurants that are typical, national and international food, restaurant Meson de Carreon, among others or failing in the gastronomic boulevard found in the deviation towards Izucar de Matamoros.

16:00 hrs. Around the Viveros de la Colonia Cabrera: more than 300,000 m2 dedicated exclusively consisting nurseries with multiple varieties of flowers and plants.

Day 3:

9:00 hrs. Departure to San Andrés Calpan: there we can admire chapels carved in gray stone pools, considered within the art Tequitle religious themed considered an architectural jewel of the Viceroyalty.

10:30 hrs. Tour the former Franciscan convent of San Miguel Huejotzingo: Built by Franciscans in 1524, by Fray Juan de Alameda with atrial cross and chapels pools and facades is considered a major platerescas works in Mexico, has inside a wooden altarpiece sculptures, stewed doctors of the Church of the Archangel Michael and various saints of the Franciscan order with paintings of Simon Pereynes first Flemish painter who comes to New Spain that are worth admiring.

12:30 hrs. Tour of theHuejotzingo´s zocalo to admire its city hall and wander with attending performing a small fruit market place this is 37 Km. from Puebla.

13:30 hrs. Food: The restaurant of the Hotel San Miguel or failing some installed in the center of this beautiful place which is very close to the Iztaccihuatl volcano and on a clear day you can admire this natural beauty is suggested.

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Tips for your trip

The best pictures: EVERYTHING. The incredible scenery found in the state of Puebla.

You will be surprised: The incredible architecture of churches will surprise you .

Do not miss: the mole poblano, chiles en nogada, among others .

Your children will enjoy ... Take a stroll through the picturesque streets with color.


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#43 Puebla 3 days / 2 nights


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