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#46 Puebla Tour 2 Days / 1 Night


Day 1:

10:00 hrs. Visit Cathedral of Puebla dating back to 1575 and was consecrated on April 18, 1649 by the ninth bishop of Puebla Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, its interior is stylish psycho neoclá there 14 chapels decorated with the ordeal of Mr. Miguel Cabrera . The high altar designed by architect Manuel Tolsá and the altar of kings by the architect Juan Martinez Montanes.

10:45 hrs. Continuing our tour now visit the Palafox Library dating from 1646 when Bishop Juan de Mendoza Palafoxy donates to Puebla to all kinds of people with notary public on September 6, 1646 with 5000 volumes prop erty of Mr. Palafox and there are more than 43,000. There are works in Aramaic in Chaldean, polyglot Bibles and some incunabula works. In 1995 UNESCO agreed to consider it as part of the "Memory of the World 'continuing our tour will visit Ia church of Santo Domingo, inside is Ia Capilla del Rosario gold-plated and decorated in the Baroque Churrigueresco style.

11:40 hrs. We go out for José Luis Bello y González Museum located one block from Ia Cathedral, where we can admire Ia private collection of 144 works of art were poblano do nothings by philanthropist José Luis Bello, among his collection include paintings by Miguel Cabrera, Cristobal de Villalpando and still lifes of Mr. Agustin Arrieta, then visit Ia 6th Street east, where we can taste the candies like pancakes santa clara, sweet potatoes, picones, gasnates and many more.

12:40 hrs. Going to Casa del Deán located one block from Ia Cathedral built in 1580 and belonged to Don Thomas Square Goes, dean of the Cathedral of Puebla. The facade shows a Renaissance style with gray stone walls structured in two well defined bodies and hayfrescosen inside that nosdan an idea dela civil painting in s. XVI, and is about Renaissance works, one of which shows some women riding as a religious metaphor, whereas the other represents the poem the triumphs of Petrarch.

13:30 hrs. Moving on now let's visit the house where lived the Serdán Brothers, currently known as the Museum of the Revolution, site wherein the Mexican Revolution President Adolfo began on November 18, 1910 by Mr. Aquiles Serdan, 1960 López Mateos rescued to become museum Ia revolution.

14:30 hrs. We continue our journey towards "La Pasita" typical Puebla canteen located in the square of Toads and is open from 12:00 to 5:00 pm, here you can find different drinks such as“el charro con espuelas” “la china poblana” and could not miss the la pasita "with a slice of cheese which gives it a unique flavor.


20:45 hrs. Screening of the history of China Poblana in memory to honor the famous myrrh princess who was abducted in the east by pirates and brought to Puebla, her protector acquired as a slave and after a time returned his freedom, but already very old man dies and leaves his goods and cloisters in the convent with the name Sister Catarina de San Juan, died in l688 and his mortal remains rest in the church of the company near the chapel of San Ignacio where holy water is given to the faithful.

Day 2:

10:00 am. Se inicia con Ia visita al museo Casa del Alfañique fue construida por el Arq. Anto nio de Santa María de Incháurregui, data del año de 1640 y su costo fue de 14,900 pesos, oro de aquella época, el dueño fue el señor Juan Ignacio Morales, herrero de profesión quien quedó enamorado de una bella doncella poblana y que aceptar le dijo “Sí me caso, pero hazme una casa de alfeñique” su ornamentación de esta gran obra fue inspirada en la mezcla blanca que recuerda los dulces de azúcar.

11:30 hrs. Se recomienda realizar un recorrido a la Zona Cívica 5 de Mayo: Lugar donde hace 151 años se llevó acabo la famosa batalla del día 5 de Mayo, donde el ejército mexicano triunfó sobre el ejército francés, en este sitio no solo se defendió a México si no la inviolabilidad de América Latina. Actualmente se puede admirar un museo con datos históricos de su defensa en el Museo Fuerte de Guadalupe así como también el Museo de Loreto o de No Intervención. Existen frases alusivas a este importante hecho histórico “Mexicano detente respetuoso el suelo que pisas está abona do con la sangre de nuestros héroes que hace mas de 150 años ofrendaron su vida en defensa de la patria”.

13:00 hrs. Visita a la casa de música “Del Mendrugo”: Espacio con más de 3,500 años de histo ria, donde se armoniza el arte, historia, gastronomía y música.

14:00 hrs. Se sugiere comer en “La Casona de la China Poblana”, “La casa de los muñecos” y el restaurante “Mesón de la Sacristía”.

16:00 hrs. Visita a la Estrella de Puebla: Conocida popularmente como rueda de la fortuna que cuenta con 44 góndolas y que al subirse puede uno quedar admirando una hermosa vista panorámica del valle poblano tlaxcalteca, pues tiene 80 metros de altura.

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Tips for your trip

The best pictures: ALL. The incredible scenery found in the state of Puebla.

You will be surprised: The incredible architecture of churches will leave you surprised .

Do not miss: The mole poblano, chiles en nogada, among others .

Your children will enjoy ... Take a stroll through the picturesque streets with their color.


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#46 Puebla Tour 2 Días/1 Noche


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