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#11 A real safari!

Meeting with spider monkeys in the treetops. Wolves howl at night. White Tigers! African elephants rescued. Adventure with kangaroos.


You want to go on safari? Will the children face when you imagine a giraffe lengthen its long neck to mere car window? Do you dare to venture into the bush at night, when the lions wake up to feed? Would you like to throw in Tyrolean and mimic spider monkeys?

Africam is one of the best zoos in the continent and a must visit if you go to Puebla with your family. Travel with your own car or in one of the bus park to the mere African savannah. They enjoy watching the nimble gazelles and antelopes beautiful run. They can take pictures of rhinos and lions a few meters from you. You see animals like anteaters, huge elephants and hippos in the water and in the jungle, beautiful white Bengal tigers.

If you delve in the area of adventures, you will walk with kangaroos and may prove their adventurous spirit in hanging bridges and zip lines. They also enjoy immensely with colorful parrots and falcons, and children can even take a Lama glama ride.

If you really want to live special moments, the Night Safari is not lost. While the world sleeps wake lions, wolves howl at the moon and rumbling drums for tribal dances. They can also organize a very special experience for the whole family: his own camp Watusi watoto (young warriors), with a thousand activities. Hakuna matata!

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Tips for your trip

Best photos: You can take pictures of very, very close to all animals.

You will be surprised: African elephants were rescued from a reserve where they would die. Their journey was documented by National Geographic.

Do not miss: The night safari, to discover how animals behave night. Awesome !

Your children will enjoy ... proving his skill and enjoying the shows in the adventure.

Tips: Leave your hotel early in the morning and seize the day.

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#11 ¡Un auténtico safari!


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Africam Safari


Africam Safari


Zoológico Parque Loro

San Andrés Cholula

Zoológico Parque Loro


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