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El Jardin de Constanza

Carretera Cuetzalan-Zacapoaxtla Km. 8, Cuetzalan del Progreso

Set in North Sierra on Puebla State, at the Magic Town of Cuetzalan is located in “El Jardin La Constanza”, Restaurante-Bar inside of Villa Zardoni Cabanas, Camping, Temazcal & SPA.

Our Restaurant - Bar, has Regional and International cuisine where you can enjoy our traditional Totonac Nights offer for lovers and romantic dinners in our Tree House (Platform with half Roof in our Adventure Park area).

And above all personalized service and warm characteristic of this region of ancient Totonacapan.

  • Localízalo


08:00 to 22:00 hrs.



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El Jardín de Constanza

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Cuetzalan del Progreso

Cuetzalan del Progreso
Sierra Northeast

Cuetzalan del Progreso

On the mountainside, through valleys of fertile terraces, forests of giant ferns inhabited by fantastic creatures, trails leading to idyllic waterfalls, caves that plunge into the underworld and pools of incredibly clear water, stands the magical town of Cuetzalan. The village where the man is transformed into a bird


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