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Escamoles Escamoles


Of Nahuatl azcatl ant, and mol, stew; escamoles are ant roeLiometropum apiculatum, edible and highly prized in Mexico. They are called also azcamolli, huigues or maicitos.

The Escamoles have a high nutritional value and a very fine, slightly sweet taste, so you should always accompany them with something equally soft to highlight its flavor. They can be prepared in many ways: fried with butter and epazote, egg, sauces, in mixiote, with BBQ in gorditas, tortillas, among other.

Annually in Ixtacamaxtitlan event Escamoles Season Starting from March 21 to April 21, where it becomes taste different dishes of Escamoles.

The Escamol is harvested each year in the season of Lent. The ants build their nests underground, several meters deep, mainly at the base of maguey, in nopaleras or with pepper tree trees; and to find them, collectors follow the path of the ants. These ants are very aggressive and will only play at this time of year. These factors make it harder to exploit and make the Escamoles in a prized dish, and very expensive, even more than the famous caviar.

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Are collected from ants make nests underground, at the base of the cactus, prickly pear and pepper trees.

Once extracted the gold ovals pour into jars clean water and subjected to successive baths to avoid any trace of dirt or debris. This process must be very careful, because you must take care that roe will not break.


Ant larvae


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